1. REVIEW: Famous Last Words - ‘Council of the Dead’

    Council of the Dead is the sophomore album from Michigan quartet Famous Last Words and, yes, it’s another concept album (hooray!).

    The storyline of the album take us into the realm of the deceased, in an environment similar to that of a group therapy room. The opening track, must like the prelude to a stage show, is basically the preview to the story. Followed by the second track, ‘Council of the Dead’, where we find vocalist JT Tollas acting as sort of an MC, explaining that these people have been gathered to come to terms with their passing by each telling their respective stories, which are delivered through the ensuing tracks, each relating to one of the characters of the story.

    Not only is the album a beautifully constructed story, with not only 8 different character narratives running, but all 8 being connected in one way or another, but there is a message raising awareness for a number of very real tales of death, such as suicide (‘One in the Chamber’), overdoses (‘Fading Memories’) and DUI car crashes (‘Hell in the Headlights’) among others.

    The tales begin in the form of ‘The Fog’, which tells the story of an old woman who suffered with dementia, and end with ‘One in the Chamber’ – a tale of a man who feels like there is nothing for him left in the world, and is wrecked with the guilt of something he has done. Interestingly, a track is thrown into the mix toward the end of the album from the perspective of a young girl who is alive and trying to help loved ones deal with the loss of the characters. This track is well placed, acting as a sort of interlude from the tales of the dead.

    Tollas uses his vocals as a tool to allude to how horrific or brutal each death was. For example, in ‘My Life Before My Eyes’, the vocal is borderline ballady, whereas in ‘the Killing Zone’ the vocal is a full on hardcore scream.

    Famous Last Words truly have created a masterpiece in this album. The storytelling, the storyline and the instrumentation work together perfectly, and as all good stories should, takes you on an emotional journey. I would highly recommend buying the hard copy of the album, and reading the lyrics along with each song. You’ll understand the story better and make the album that much more impressive for yourself. This one will be hard for them to top.


    Note: Being an concept album, you MUST listen to it in order from start to finish to see its genius.

    - The Captain

  2. Asking Alexandria have released the music video for their song, ‘Moving On’. Check it out above.

  3. Review: The One Hundred - Subculture EP

    Subculture is the debut EP from The One Hundred and it stamps their mark on the scene with some force. The word ‘genre’ has obviously been scrapped from these lads’ dictionary, as you can find an amalgamation of dub-step, metal, hardcore, grime and hip-hop on this little 6 track beast.

    Having already been acquainted with Enter Shikari-esque rager ‘Kingsmen’ and the absolutely belting ‘Breed’, The One Hundred have continued to build on this momentum with the previously unreleased tracks ‘Unleashed’, ‘Tale of Two Cities’ and ‘Downfall’.

    The intro to the EP, ‘No FKX (intro)’, firmly grasps your attention with a hip-hop turned hardcore approach and, essentially, alludes to what you’ll find within the rest of release.  ‘Breed’ and ‘Kingsmen’ follow respectively, with the other tracks following as listed above. Throughout, the vocal is well distributed between rap and hardcore vocals, with singing sprinkled in to make the perfect concoction. Instrumentally, the energy delivered and continued on through each song is, quite frankly, outrageous. Every element is executed with precision and purpose, with the final result leaving your foot stomping, your head nodding and your heart throbbing.

    I’ve often found that the quality of a release can be distinguished by how many people you would recommend it to and, with this one, I want to tell the whole damn world to get amongst this adrenalin inducing offering. This is a huge debut, and I’ll leave it at that.


    - The Captain

  4. Slipknot have released their new single, 'The Devil In I’. Check it out above. Six minutes worth of goodness.

  5. Billy Talent have revealed what all their teasers have been about - they will be releasing a Greatest Hits album.

    The band made the announcement via their official website (www.billytalent.com - the announcement is excellent and I suggest all BT fans go there and have a look at it).

    But here’s what they said:

        "Hey everybody! It is us, how are you?

    So I guess you’ve been wondering what’s going on with all the teasing and all the different things we’ve been putting up on our sites. We’re here to clarify everything and to let you know, which most of you already do, that we’re actually releasing a Greatest Hits record, which is awesome; a dream come true. 

    All of the songs we have on the record are songs that have changed us, sculpted us as the band we are over a time period of 10 or 11 years; we’re very proud of it.

    We’re going to also be having two new songs, which we’re very excited about; very proud about. Both very different songs, kinda shows you where we’re at as a band now; can’t wait for your guys to check it out.

    We hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. There’s lots more info to come and follow but we just wanted to clear the air and let you know what’s happening.”

    We’ll get that additional info to you when the band has released it.

  6. Invogue Records have unveiled a new signing, The Bad Chapter. Check out the hype video above.

    The Bad Chapter is the new band from former Attack Attack! and Nativ vocalist Phil Druyor. Their debut album will be out before year’s end.

  7. Got a festival coming up and aren’t quite sure on how to be metal? Don’t worry, Neil Westfall of A Day To Remember has you covered

  8. Weezer have had to push the release date of their upcoming album Everything Will Be Alright In The End back by a week, making its release date the 7th of October.

    The band made the announcement via facebook, in a post that read:

          “Hi everyone - Today we are pumped to share with you the good news that the recording sessions for EWBAITE are finished, and finished on time as planned. However, we’ve unfortunately learned some additional news that’s not so cool - We have to release EWBAITE one week later than planned, on Oct 7. This is a bummer and we really hate to make our fans wait longer. We worked very hard to finish the album on time for you, so we’re really sorry about this and hope you understand.

    As a thank you, everyone who preordered the new album on pledgemusic (preorder here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/weezer) will receive a new song from EWBAITE on Sept 30, so they can get a taste of the album before everyone else. This applies to any new preorders too.

    Thanks so much for following along with weezer Wednesdays, the new webisode is coming soon today! And thanks for for all your support, we cant wait for you to hear this album!

    The band also released a video revealing the tracklisting. We’ve got the tracklist below, but if you want to watch the video, head to this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0DEM1f3Txw&feature=youtu.be

    1. I ain’t Got Nobody
    2. Back to the Shack
    3. Eulogy for a Rock Band

    4. Lonely Girl
    5. I’ve had it up to here
    6. The british are coming
    7. Da Vinci
    8. Go Away
    9. Cleopatra
    10. Foolish Father

    The Futurescope Trilogy:
    I. The Waste Land
    II. Anonymus
    III. Return to Ithaka


  9. Soundwave Festival 2015 First Announcement

    The first release of bands for the annual Soundwave Festival in Australia was unleashed yesterday, and includes such bands as Slipknot, Faith No More, Soundgarden, New Found Glory, Atreyu and a bunch more!

    First Announcement:

    Faith No More
    Lamb Of God
    Gerard Way
    New Found Glory
    Fear Factory
    Hollywood Undead
    Falling In Reverse
    The Aquabats
    Area 7
    Crown The Empire
    The Interrupters
    Icon For Hire
    Emily’s Army
    Patent Pending
    The Bennies
    The Color Morale
    Nothing More
    Ne Obliviscaris

    Marylin Manson
    Fall Out Boy
    Judas Priest
    All Time Low
    Papa Roach
    Of Mice & Men
    Escape The Faith
    Tonight Alive
    Butcher Babies
    Evergreen Terrace
    The Swellers
    King 810
    This Wild Life

  10. The Killers treated fans to a cover of Iggy Azalea’s song ‘Fancy’ at a recent show.

    This is wort watching for the interpretive dance alone.