1. The Ghost Inside have announced they’ll be releasing a brand new album next month! (17/11/14 to be exact). The album will be titled Dear Youth.

    The band also released the music video for the title track, which you can watch above.

    Don’t forget, The Ghost Inside are playing in Auckland THIS WEEKEND as part of the Rise of Brotality tour.

  2. The Amity Affliction continue to release ridiculously good music videos. 

    After releasing a number of still from the video over the past few weeks, making everyone think it’d be a video for their song 'Forest Fire', the Australian outfit have revealed the music video for The Weigh Down. Check it out above.

    'The Weigh Down' is taken from the band's latest offering, Let the Ocean Take Me, which is out now via Roadrunner Records.

  3. Motionless in White have released the music video for their single, 'Reincarnate’.

    Their new album of the same name is out now via Fearless Records.

  4. Do you like images of New Zealand scenery? What about live footage from bands? Then you’re going to love the new Halfnoise music video.

    The video is for the single 'Hurricane Love’, which can be found on the upcoming album Volcano Crowe - set for release on September 30.

  5. Former Northlane vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes has released a statement regarding his decision to part ways with the band. You can read his statement below:

           ”I understand that the news of my departure from Northlane is a huge shock to everyone, so naturally I wanted to briefly explain why I decided to make this life changing decision. 

    Long story short, for the majority of my career in Northlane I had been experiencing severe vocal issues. My voice had fully blown out more times than I could count and overtime has reduced my vocal endurance to the point where any screaming at all takes a toll on my voice. With the busy touring schedule Northlane has it became increasingly difficult to manage the situation and started becoming a real source of stress physically and mentally for myself. Sadly it got to a point where I wasn’t able to enjoy the dream we had worked so hard to realise. 

    When I look back on my years in Northlane I am thankful for all the wonderful and crazy experiences we shared together on the road. Being in Northlane directly influenced the person I am today and I am proud of who I’ve become. These past years have been crucial in the development and transition from my teenage life into adulthood. 

    I am and will continue to keep active creatively, I will be releasing more of my poetry, photography and possibly my own music in the near future as well. Though above all my own happiness and well being is my main focus at the moment.

    Northlane will continue as a band without me and I have no doubt they will continue to achieve even greater feats of creativity and songwriting. I wish my brothers all the best in their future endeavors. This isn’t the end but rather a new beginning for everyone.

    I want to thank the band, my family and friends, everyone at UNFD, everyone who I was able to meet during my travels, including all the supporters who made it out to the shows to help me shout out the lyrics and move to the music. I’m eternally thankful for all of you. Your love and support was and has always been a continuing source of inspiration.

    This isn’t goodbye, rather I’ll see you all later. Follow your heart, chase your dreams and do what’s makes you happy, life is too short to live any other way.

    Peace and love for all.

    - Adrian Fitipaldes


  6. Style: Alt-pop/electro

    'Girl' is the brand new track from Bristol-based rising artist, Lionface (AKA Kat Marsh). Recorded with producer Peter Miles (We Are The Ocean), the single showcases Marsh’s strong, edgy vocal ability, laced with dark, brooding electro beats. 

    Lyrically, the song talks about female safety and the dangers faced by woman, which is an idea reinforced by the ominous tones of the instrumentation.

    If i was asked to describe it to you in terms of similar artists, think Lights meets The Pretty Reckless.

    Check out ‘Girl’ at the link above. If you like what you hear, you can get more information about Lionface from her Facebook page: 


    - The Captain

  7. Northlane have announced that founding vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes has decided to part ways with the band.

    In a (rather lengthy) post on the band’s Facebook page, they revealed the news and that they are going to audition new vocalists. You can read the statement and get all the info below.

    Adrian Fitipaldes’ vocals features on every Northlane recording to date.

    Band statement:

            “It is with regret that we announce that Adrian Fitipaldes has decided to leave Northlane and will no longer be our vocalist moving forward. Adrian has been a part of Northlane since our inception, but has chosen not to continue on with the band. The four remaining members of Northlane will continue to move forward, and we are looking for a new vocalist. All of our booked dates will happen as planned (either with a fill-in vocalist, or someone new), and we are still working on a new album to be released next year. Additionally we are planning to release new music by the end of the year in the form of a single. We are searching for a new vocalist, and we will be accepting submissions for a replacement. More details are below on that.

    Northlane is our passion and something we put every part of ourselves into. We love our fans, our music and our art more than anything, and we live for performing live and making music. Unfortunately, Adrian had found the wear and tear of Northlane and our schedule to be too stressful towards his health, both physically and mentally. What we do is not easy, it takes huge amounts of hard work and dedication, and we respect Adrian for doing what was right for him personally. However, for the rest of us, this is our lives, and our dream. We’ve achieved way too much so far to ever consider stopping now. As such, we will continue on with the same passion and dedication that we have put into our band since its inception.

    We are looking for a vocalist who is willing to dedicate themselves to our band, and to put in the same amount of work we have all put in, to dedicate their lives towards their craft and this band. We are looking for someone to be part of Northlane, who has the talent and work ethic to front our band. We are able to work with a vocalist from anywhere in the world. We are looking for someone with a unique range in their voice that can handle both our back catalogue and our plans for the future, which may include pushing their voice beyond what has been done within our band before. Northlane has always been about progression and creativity, and we want someone to help us continue in that tradition. Everyone in our band is under 25, and our energy and youthful enthusiasm is something that is important for us, so we will be looking for someone within the same age group. Being in Northlane is an incredible journey - we travel the world playing shows to thousands of incredible fans each night - and we want someone who understands and appreciates the opportunities being in this band presents.

    To submit for the audition process, you are required to lay down vocals over either “Quantum Flux” or “Dream Awake” taken from the instrumental deluxe edition of our last record “Singularity”. We would like if you included a video of yourself performing your vocals as well, just so we can reference you doing it. Please note that we aren’t looking for a carbon copy of what we have already done, we are looking for someone to show their creativity within the songs, so do what shows your voice off as best as possible. With the above included please email nlsubmissions@weareunified.com and remember to include your name, age and location as well as links to any other previous works that you’d like to show us.

    We know this news might be upsetting, and it might be a shock but we want to thank you for sticking by us in this tough time. All of the amazing opportunities that being in band has granted us are because of all the love and support that you amazing people all around the world have shown us.

    The future of Northlane is everything to the four of us, and we trust that we have fans who are willing to respect and understand where this announcement is coming from. We promise that we will find someone perfect to complete our band and that we will continue to create the best possible music and live performances we can, and we hope you can look forward to our future as much as we are.

    As for Adrian, we also wish him the best in everything he has planned. He has been an important part of our journey, and we wouldn’t be here without him. We are extremely proud of the music we created with him, and that music will always be a part of us. We’ll post a statement from Adrian in the coming days so he can connect with Northlane fans through us one last time.

    Thanks again for your understanding.

    Jon, Josh, Alex and Nic”

  8. Mark you calenders and get excited, Trenchers, because Marianas Trench made a special announcement this morning, announcing their FIRST EVER New Zealand show!

    That’s right. The quartet will be playing at the Tuning Fork in Auckland on Thursday October 30. Here’s what the band had to say:

           ”Hey New Zealand Trenchers! Guess what?!

    Mark October 30th on your calendars because we are VERY pleased to announce that we will be making our way to Aukland for our VERY FIRST TIME EVER!

    Join us at The Tuning Fork in Aukland on October 30th! Spread the word!”

    Tickets are available through www.ticketmaster.co.nz from Thursday September 18 (next Thursday) and are only $54.90 (+bf).

  9. Festival One have announced more bands to their already stellar line up.

    Along with the likes of SwitchfootHalfnoise and Paper Route, the festival have added local bands The Latest FalloutDeclaration AD and Lead Us Forth. See the full line up (so far) below.

    Festival One is set to take place in Hamilton at Mystery Creek between the 23rd and 26th of January.

    Line up so far:

    Paper Route
    Canon Blue
    Brady Toops
    Edge Kingsland
    The Jury and the Saints
    Young Lyre
    South Auckland Poets Collective
    Late Eighties Mercedes
    Emily Rice
    Lead Us Forth
    Late Night Poets
    Mount Mosaic
    Lookin Up
    The Latest Fallout
    Sound the Ocean
    Josh & Amberly Klinkenberg
    Hans Kraenzlin
    Breathing Still
    We Stole the Sun
    Swifts & Sparrows
    We, The Revival
    the Silver Fox Project
    Declaration AD
    Wilderness Love

    More acts are still to be announced. Head to www.festival-one.co.nz for more information.

  10. Julian Casablancas (the Strokes) and his new band Julian Casablancas + the Voidz have unveiled the music video for their debut single, ‘Where No Eagles Fly’. Get at it above.

    The single is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut record, Tyranny, which is being released via Casablancas’ label, Cult Records. You can see the artwork and tracklisting below:

    1. Commandant Lassard
    2. Rawk Hawks
    3. You Tube Comments
    4. Ego
    5. Batman, 10 Batmans Ago
    6. Pony-tail Blues
    7. Fingerless Pants
    8. I’m The Best
    9. Witch Balls 
    10. Lonely Male Hunters
    11. Glory Hole Foods
    12. Doc Acula
    13. Gag Tears
    Photo: Tyranny by Julian Casablancas+The Voidz
Artwork taken from the painting 'Visit of Govindu' by Sam Adoquei
Pre-Order here: http://bit.ly/jcvdz

1. Commandant Lassard
2. Rawk Hawks
3. You Tube Comments
4. Ego
5. Batman, 10 Batmans Ago
6. Pony-tail Blues
7. Fingerless Pants
8. I'm The Best
9. Witch Balls 
10. Lonely Male Hunters
11. Glory Hole Foods
12. Doc Acula
13. Gag Tears